There is nothing better than using a piece of machinery that you brought back from the dead. Most of the machines I have restored are good old American made woodworking machines (no plastic on these beauties).  Some required only minor restorations, others have needed a full restore. Stripped down to the bare metal, primed and painted, old bearings replaced with new, and when needed, the electricals are given a good once (twice) over.

Sometimes the hardest part is just figuring out how to move these monsters.  Table saws, jointers and planers can weigh as much as 1800 lbs and more.  A good dolly cart and cherry picker come in handy, an over-head hoist and fork lift would be even better.

I created this blog (and website) to document the restoration process.  Detailed pics will be posted along with a description of what I am doing.  I am a terrible writer and even worse at explaining things so if you have any questions please ask.

You can view the machines I have restored by Clicking Here and if you enjoying old woodworking machines as much as I do please pay a visit to the Old WoodWorking Machine forum and the mothership Old WoodWorking Machines for 1,000s of pics, manufacture history and dirty paper (old manuals).

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  1. Ron Smith says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the Sig p250 trigger photos. Excellent photos!

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