The drive wheel for the variable feed on the Crescent planer was in sad shape so I decided to replace it.

It’s not an original but it’s been on there a long time.  It’s starting to crack and is to fat, which made it so I couldn’t set the feed rate slow enough.

I pulled it off of the planer and took it apart.

My plan was to use a wheel I picked up at the local surplus store.

I removed the steel hub …

… drilled some holes through it and made a wooden shim so it would hold it’s shape.

I mounted it to the planer and fired it up …. unfortunately it only lasted about 10 seconds before falling apart.

So much for that great idea.

Next I decided to try a drive disc for a lawn mower. I went to the local small gas engine repair shop and we looked through the catalogs. We couldn’t find one for a lawn mower but we did find one for a MTD snow blower that should work.

It’s nice and thin so it should allow me to get the feed rate down to where I want it.

I had to do a little modifying to it to make it fit …

but once I got it mounted it worked great.

See the video below to see it in action.

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3 Comments on Changing the Friction Drive Wheel on my Crescent Planer

  1. lou tucker says:

    hello.i found your web site through owwm.all i can say is wow.i love your oliver do wonderfull work.thanks for shareing it with us.thanks again.lou

  2. Shane says:

    Thanks Lou, I appreciate it.

  3. Dale says:

    Hi, just found you through OWWM post you had. Great stuff. As an FYI, that drivewheel looks the same as a Snapper rider. You already know Simplicity/Ariens used those for snowblowers…cheers!

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