Video of the 18 inch Crescent Planer running.

If you can’t see the video here try viewing it on youtube by Clicking Here

Video I shot a while back of my Oliver 270 passing the change tests while cutting a board.

If the video doesn’t work you can see it here

Please leave a comment, I would love to read what ya think about the videos and machines.



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3 Comments on Videos

  1. Kent Johnson says:

    The 270 video gave me the goosebumps and made me smile. I don’t think my restored R1350 can pass the change test, at least not until I give it a 3″ MSD table.

    I love your restorations, they have been a big inspiration for me. I’m thinking about doing a blog for mine as well. My first restore (an MBF) should be ready in about 3 weeks (1 week of slop in that schedule). I’m doing what I call “A Whitlock” on it. LOL. This means lots of polishing and hiring a pro to paint it with quality enamel.

    The older motors are just fantastic. So quiet and strong.

    Thanks for doing this. I can’t wait for someone to jump on here and tell you how unsafe you are, LOL.


  2. Shane says:

    LOL … Thanks Kent. Ya I’m sure someone will give me a hard time about not having any guards on the machines.

    The 270 has to be my favorite machine, I smile everytime I use it.

    Good luck on your restorations and if ya create a blog be sure to post a link to it.

    Thanks again,

  3. Dale says:


    I heard you reference the rotary phase converter in one video, and I see that most of what you work on is 3 phase equipment. Do you have a phase converter for every machine or can you run several pieces of equipment off one converter? I picked up a big Delta lathe and a wood/metal bandsaw that were both three phase for cheap. I could change out motors, but wonder if I could just mount a phase converter between them and plug each unit in as I used it. Cheers!

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