This weekend I made a jig for sharpening the planer blades. The blades are 1/4 inch thick with a strip of HSS (I assume) welded to it for the cutting edge.

The blades are made by Simonds Saw and Steel Co.

(capture from 1926 Popular Science ad)


When I first looked at these I thought it was sharpened with a micro bevel but the line I was seeing ( the bottom 1/8″ of the blade) is the strip of steel that is welded to the blade for the cutting edge.

So to sharpen them I made a jig out of some glass reinforced plastic that was cut to hold the blade at the correct angle to the shapener (belt sander).

The plastic was screwed to a board that is clamped (not shown) to the sanders table. The blade is placed on the jig and then I slide it back and forth across the belt. The blades came out razor sharp, I could shave the hair off on my arm.

(the blade in the pic is an old one from my jointer, I forgot to take pics of the planer blades being sharpened but they are almost identical)

The freshly sharpened blades work great in the planer.

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  1. it’s is a nice jig

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