More Pics ….

As promised (if anyone is reading this) here are a few more pics of the planer.

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3 Comments on Crescent Variable Feed 18 inch Planer Part 2

  1. Jon Chandler (jmc0369) says:

    Shane, That machine intrigues me. I am certain it will mezmerize me once you are finished, but that is another story. I was wondering if the finish it leaves on a board is rougher of as good as slightly more modern machine. Say a Crescent P18, wedgebed or yates or Powermatic 18″ planer. What is your opinion? Thanks and I am looking forward to seeing it complete.


  2. Jon Chandler (jmc0369) says:

    I dug deeper and see you have the 2 knife head. That would likely answer my question on how the finish is. I wonder the options available for a modernization of it.


  3. Shane says:

    I have used it quite a bit and if you keep the feed rate down slow it has a very nice finish.

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