Allis Chalmers Electric Motor ….

I picked up this big old motor to power the 18 inch Crescent.

It’s an ugly bugger but I figured it would be a good match for the jointer.

It’s a 5 h.p. 3 phase motor wired for 220 volts.

The windings were caked in old oil so I used mineral spirits and an old toothbrush to clean them up.

It’s ring oiled with babbitt sleeve bearings.

After cleaning it up I stripped it to bare metal and then gave it a paint job. Originally I went with red cause that’s the color I was going to paint the jointer,

but I didn’t like the red so I ended up repainting it green. I like the green a lot better.

I also added some new gits oil cups.

After getting it all restored I hooked up the power to it and she fired right up. I can’t believe how quite it runs. Should be a great motor.

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