The restoration begins ….

Now that it’s in the shop the fun begins. The first thing I do is clean it up so I can get a good look at it. Scrap all the old grease off it and then use a good degreaser to further clean it. Once it’s clean I usually start on the tables.

Begin by scrapping as much of the rust off  of the table with a razor blade as ya can, then spray it down with some penetrating oil (WD 40 or something similiar) and scrape it with the razor blade again, you’ll be amazed at how well the blade removes the rust.

Next I soak it more with the penetrating oil and then use a hand held  wire brush on it to loosen up the remaining rust,

Next use some fine grit sand paper mounted on a cheap orbital sander. I think I bought this sander from Harbor Freight for something like 15 bucks. Don’t use your good sanders cause it gets very dirty.

A word of caution, be careful using sand paper, ya don’t want to remove the metal, just hit it enough to bring out the shine. If ya don’t feel comfortable using the sandpaper then skip it and move on to the next step

You can see it did a pretty good job but there’s still some rust stains.

To finish it off I used another sander with a hook and loop pad and stick a red scotch brite pad to it,  followed it up with a gray pad and finally a rub down with some 0000 steel wool.

The last thing I do is give it a couple of coats of Renaissance paste wax. I love this stuff! Does a great job of protecting the bare metal and makes it very slippery.

All done … I could of shined it even more but then ya wouldn’t of been able to see the old finishing marks on the table surface.

One table down …. another one to go.

It’s a lot of hard work but I think you will agree, the results are worth it.

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2 Comments on 1905 18 inch Crescent Jointer Restoration … Part 3

  1. Ok Sorry to send you two emails but after staring at your machines a little longer, after sending you the last email I found your website and have been looking at everything you got. So… your website answered my first question, next question that I can’t figure out just from pics is how do you get the hand wells so shiny, along those same lines how are you able to get such a crisp line from the outer shiny metal and the inner paint on the wheels, If you have the time I would really love to hear your technique. Thanks again I really do appreciate all that you have posted for us beginners.



  2. Shane says:

    I just put up a pictorial for restoring the handwheels. Hope it helps.

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