I may be broke but I couldn’t pass up on a great deal.
I picked up this Kennedy 11 drawer machinist chest, which cleaned up real nice, two very nice Brown & Sharpe horizontal test indicators with holders and cases, two Starrett dial indicators, also with magnetic holders, and a 12″ Mitutoyo dial caliper with case. All for less than the cost of one of the test indicators. 
Gotta love my wife for arranging the deal!


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2 Comments on Kennedy Machinist Chest

  1. Dan Coleman says:

    I know What you mean about not being able to pass some things up. I added another one of those boxes to my toy box last month. I need to find a trashed one to rob a few of the brown knobs. Between a few boxes I am missing some and Kennedy’s web prices don’t fit my purchasing style.


  2. meiliemh says:

    You are NOT broke if you have a wife who is encouraging you to work in a craft that you love and you have a workshop full of great tools! May you live a long and productive life fulfilling your woodshop dreams!

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