Sorry guys, it’s been a while since I have made a post. I started a new job a while back, had a grandson, and have been busy on some restorations. So this will be a long post.

A while back, almost a year ago, I picked up a very rare 1860s J. A. Fay & Co. Tenoner. The machine came out of a local mill that was burned down about 10 years ago. The roof was burned off so all the machines that were inside sat for years exposed to the elements. The mill was established in the early 1800s so all the machines are very old. The owner of the mill asked me to move the machines to a storage shed and gave me first pick of any of the machines I wanted. The tenoner was the only one that I brought home but I may grab a couple of the others, which includes a 6 spoked 18 inch Crescent Jointer, exactly like the one I have, and a nice 30 inch Hall and Brown band saw. The other machines were a 1800s Hall and Brown molder, a huge W. A. Heath double drum sander, a Boult’s Carver and Molder, a Hall and Brown table saw, a Jay A. Fay and Egan table saw, and all wood J. A. Fay table saw, a L. Houston mortiser, and a few newer machines. I also picked up some nice line shafts from the mill.

Here is a before pic of the tenoner …
and the after restoration pic. All original colors which I found as I stripped the machine.
after restoration

A few months back I also picked up a couple of nice metal working machines from a gentleman not to far from me. I got a nice Alfred Eriksen 10 inch Metal Shaper. This machine works sweet :)


There is a video of it running on YouTube here:

I also picked up a LeBlond Universal Cutter and Tool Grinder,


a 15 inch State Disc sander,



and a HUGE Gorton Mill 9-J which I don’t have a pic of yet cause it’s still sitting in his garage, but here is a catalog cut of one.



So as payment for these machines I agreed to restore a couple of his machines for him.

The first was a Powermatic Model 81 20 inch band saw.


and after

I then restored a nice old 20 inch Walker Turner drill press for him. Like the band saw, it was in rough shape with lots of rust.


Rusted solid

The table and base were so rusted on it took me about two weeks each to break them loose so I could remove them. I actually had to make a pusher tool out of an dumbell weight to get the base off.


Ya can see from the pics I added a VFD to power the 3 phase 1 hp motor.

Well that’s about got me caught up on restorations. I still need to deliver the band saw and drill press back to their owner and pick up my mill but right now my truck is in the shop with a blown motor so it will have to wait for a while.

Oh, one last thing. I also picked up a little Atlas 618 lathe. I haven’t done a restoration on it yet, it’s in pretty good shape, but I did build a base for it using some reclaimed wood and a stand from a Delta scroll saw.

I picked up a NOS steady rest and follewer for it. It came with a nice grinder also.

Thanks for looking,




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  1. Phil Knipper says:

    I have a complete Atlas Craftsman 6-618-101 – Metal Lathe M6-28

    In very good condition $300 – Atlanta, GA

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