Just picked these up last week.

First to be restored is this Wysong and Miles Mortiser. Paid $275.00 for it, not a bottom feeders price, but a fair price for the condition that it’s in. The motor sounds great and everything works as it should. It should be a beauty when I am done with it.

Wysong and Miles Mortiser

Next will be this sweet 1942 Newman Model 600 24 inch surfacer/planer. This one I stole at $225.00. Pretty good price considering I’ve seen used ones selling in the $20,000.00 price range.

It’s an ugly bastard with some body damage to the left side base but I think it’s going to look great when I am done with it. I wired it up today and it has to be the quietest planer I have ever heard.

This things a PIG and the size of a small car, weighing in just under 3,500 lbs., it’s the heaviest machine I have in my shop.

Newman Planer

I had to rearrange my shop just to make room for it. I cleaned my back room out and hauled all the camping stuff and other junk into the garage. I then moved my radial ram drill press and one of my large benches into the room. Moved the shaper table, belt sander, and RAS against the wall were the bench was and stuck the planer in the middle of the room. And as much as I hate to do it I think I am going to sell my 1912 Crescent 18 inch planer that I just finished restoring to make more room.

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