I posted this last year when I picked it up. It was in plug-n-play condition and works great. I initially cleaned it up but it had some sort of over spray and white paint all over it that I could never get all the way off.

I tried turpentine, mineral spirits, naptha, industrial cleaner, and nothing would take it off.

original condition

Then other day I was working on another project and attempted to pour some denatured alcohol into a cup. I got new glasses and my depth perception is just a little off, I missed the whole damn cup and spilled it all over. Some splashed up on the shaper so I wiped it off and noticed it removed the over spray … sweet.

I finally managed to fill the cup, so I dipped some 0000 steel wool in it and wiped the whole thing down. The over spray and old white paint wiped right off. Hit it with a coat of auto wax and looks good as new now :). I also did a little polishing on the table and hardware, painted the edge of the table and made a new fence out of some 1/2″ aluminum.


1953/54 Walker Turner Vertical Spindle Shaper
Model 6111
Serial No. 0000413

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