1941 Heavy 10 South Bend Lathe
Length of bed – 4 1/2 ft.
Serial No. 119631
Catalog No. 187R

I finally finished the restoration on my 50 dollar South Bend.

Before …

After …

The tray I fabricated out of 22 gauge sheet metal. For the lips I took some 3/8th inch hard drawn copper and used a cut-off wheel in a dremel to cut a slot lengthwise in the copper. I then slipped it over the end of the sheet metal and soldered it all together.

I made a mistake when measuring for the tray and it ended up an inch longer than I wanted . Someone in the past had mounted a tray and I didn’t want to drill new holes in the lathe so I just made some clips out of brass and hung the tray using the old holes.

The drawer I made out of 26 gauge paint lock.

Every thing was stripped to bare metal then primed and painted and all the hardware was polished. New felts and wicks. New Bearings in the 3/4 hp instant reversing GE motor.

The paint is ALK 200 industrial acrylic enamel. I used two shades of gray. Lighter gray for the base, bed and headstock. A shade darker gray on the doors and covers, gear box and apron. And a little black for some contrast.

A huge thanks to Kenny (sicero from the Practical Machinist Forum) for selling the parts I was missing.

Thanks for looking,

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13 Comments on South Bend Lathe Restoration Complete

  1. Tom Anchor says:

    This is one boss looking lathe you have there Mister..Nice color contrast and fine metal finish work….good job. I have 2 SB9’s and one SB13. Thanks for the show….Tom Anchor

  2. Shane says:

    Thanks Tom, I appreciate it.

    I have been having a blast making chips!

  3. Bruce Booher says:

    That is perfect in every way I can think of. I just purchased a South Bend and I am trying to reasearch it. Your’s is so nice, I don’t know if I am encouraged or discouraged.

  4. Shane says:

    Thanks Bruce,
    The South Bend forum on Practical Machinist has some great info in it as does Steve Wells’ great site http://www.wswells.com/
    Good luck with yours,

  5. tom fisel says:

    i have a 1929 sb8″ that i would like to find a book for can some one help me with this

  6. Jack says:

    Perfect… looks almost like an old chopper of a bike more than a workshop machine.

    What color is the paint?

  7. Mike Scibetta says:

    I am totally impressed with your workmanship. I am starting a 1917 Dalton 9X4. I will do it in ALK-200 the same colors as yours if you let me know what the formula was.

  8. Shane says:

    Mike I never did save the paint codes on these, I wish I would have cause I get asked a lot.
    I just chose a light medium gray color, which was used on most of the lathe, and then another gray that was a couple shades darker on the rest for some contrast.

  9. Mike Scibetta says:

    Thanks for the response on the paint Shane. I will try to do the same thing.

  10. bob says:

    Nice job. Do you know where i can get owners manual for CL187R with 4 1/2 bed. Thanks

  11. Lincoln Handford says:

    Hello Shane,
    Beautiful and inspiring work. Thanks for sharing.
    Lincoln Handford


  12. What an awesome restoration!! The paint job is stunning. Beautiful job.


  13. Greg Griffin says:

    Amazing Job…any advise on locating new tags or parts. Any help is appreciated.

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