A couple of weeks ago I posted a WTB ad in the local classifieds for an used and abuse metal lathe. I must of received more than 20 calls but most wanted more than I could afford. Then I got a call from a gentleman that I bought my big Boice Crane scroll saw from a year or two ago. He said he had a beat up South Bend lathe taking up room in his garage. I figured since it was a South Bend it would be more than I could afford but then he told me he only wanted $50 for it. I told him to consider it sold and I would stop by on my way home from work to pick it up.

He was right, it was beat up, ugly and missing a ton of parts. It was bought new in 1941 by the Utah board of education and I am assuming it was them that painted it green.

How’s this for clown colors?

All the gears between the head stock and the gear box were missing, along with the back gears, plus several more parts, all of which I was able to find when I made a post on the Practical Machinist site.

I pulled the instant reversing 3/4 hp GE motor and cleaned it up and put in new bearings. It purrs like a kitten now.
(pic taken before cleaning)

This weekend I stripped and painted the base, bed, legs and cross slide. Still got the apron, gear box, head stock and tail stock to finish.

Lookin better but I can see with the camera flash that I did a crappy job of painting it … lots of touch ups to do.

So $50 for the lathe and another $150 for parts, not to bad for a 10″ South Bend … I’m happy!

I’ll post more pics when I get it done.

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8 Comments on 1941 Heavy 10 South Bend Metal Lathe

  1. Bob Butz says:

    Hi Shane,

    I’m in the stripping stages of a South Bend restoration and I usually do a stock like color for the
    paint but I am just blown away by your paint job. It has a surreal look to it, after seeing your
    restoration I can’t use an industrial gray like I planned. Could you give me some more info on the “paint”, ie. make, color, sheen,and possibly where its available. I’m in the Midwest, Cincinnati, OH
    email is bbutz@butzgaskins.com.
    Again, a fantastic job!

  2. alan pierquet says:

    I would also like to know the color of the paint you used on your lathe
    Thank you, Alan

  3. Alan Pierquet says:

    Can you tell me what paint you used for your lathe?
    Thank you, Alan

  4. Shane says:

    The paint is ALK 200. An industrial Acrylic Modified Alkyd Enamel paint that I picked up at my local auto parts store.

  5. mark yeager says:

    Just bought a South Bend 9″ lathe. Man I love the paint job you done. I would like to tear in to it, but I want to make sure I go about it the right way. I will take my time with it. Just wanted to tell you, cool man!!!

  6. Shane says:

    Thanks Mark. Good luck with your lathe.

  7. Sean Yellow Horse says:

    would you sell it sean 310 785 0455

  8. Shane says:

    Sorry it’s already sold

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