1953 Walker Turner Vertical Spindle Shaper
Model 6111
Serial No. 0000413

I picked up this beautiful Shaper a couple of weeks ago for $200. It’s in great original condition so I don’t think I will paint it, except for maybe the 3 h.p. 3 phase Baldor motor.

Here’s what it looked like when I picked it up. Great shape, just a little dirty.

I used some degreaser and cleaned it inside and out.

What it looks like now.

I added some glass reinforced plastic skids to the feet (see pic above). I put these on all my machines. It makes it very easy to slide them around.

I then did a quick polishing job on all the hardware.

I removed the wood from the fence and ran it through my Crescent planer and gave it a couple of coats of tung oil. I also added a new piece of cherry to the ring guard.

I love the design of the fence system. Very easy to adjust.

(pic taken before cleaning)

I removed the 3/4 inch spindle and cleaned that up. It came with a couple of different size bushings and a couple rub collars.

I changed out the belt with a new one and replaced a grease cup that was missing a cap with a zerk.

I replaced all the wiring and fired it up …. Works fantastic.

Today I sold my light duty Rockwell Shaper for a $125 so the Walker Turner only cost me a total of 75 bucks.

Now I just gotta get some more cutters and I will be good to go.

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2 Comments on 1953 Walker Turner Vertical Spindle Shaper

  1. Dale Goynes says:

    Nice looking machine. Great job on the restore. I am looking at one on EBay. How do you like it? How does it compare to newer machines in terms of accuracy, adjustability?

  2. jim phillips says:

    Hi, beautiful shaper you have. I too have a walker turner shaper with out the fence and associated parts. Had to have a much simpler version made but it works fairly well. There is no model # on the plate but it has a two hp motor and looks like model S975. Mine has no fences or associated parts so had to have much simpler ones made. Your fences look like the “cadillac” of the old time industry. I envy you. I’m trying to find out the modern equivalent for PF927S special grease used for this shaper. Yours probably uses this too. Have any ideas on this? Would appreciate
    any help.
    Thanks, Jim

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